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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Project Report On Wimax

Wimax Report


Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, or WiMAX for short, is a next generation open standard that seeks to serve users' increasing demands for high data throughput (broadband) services such as streaming media on the internet, live video conferencing, and mobile TV on computers as well as handsets and PDAs. WiMAX is expected to be integrated into the next generation mass market consumer devices and to offer something that does not exist today – speeds similar to cable and metropolitan area coverage while on the move, all for a much lower cost than we are used to today. WiMAX already offers broadband services in many emerging and rural markets which are not supported by wireline-based technologies and started its first deployment in developed countries replacing both commonly used Wi-Fi on one hand and traditional cellular standards such as 3G.

IEEE 802.16 is the standard to state the radio frequency of fixed Broadband Wireless Access. WiMAX is the trade name of “IEEE 802.16 Standard”. IEEE 802.16 was first planned to offer the last mile for Wireless Metropolitan Area Network (WMAN) with the line of sight (LOS) of 30 – 50 km.

Basically the goal of WIMAX is to provide high speed internet access to home and business subscribers without wires. It supports legacy voice systems, voice over IP, TCP/IP, Application with different QOS requirements. 802.16 consist of the access point, base station and subscriber station. During a communication, all the information coming from a subscriber station go to the base station and retransmitted back to subscriber station. Base station can handle multiple of subscriber station. Two types of links are defined in this:-

The downlink: From base station to the subscriber station.
The uplink: From subscriber station to the base station.

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