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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Project Report On Microcontroller Based Alarm System

Microcontroller Based Alarm System Report



Today, all instrumentation systems pertaining to industrial process control as well as domestic applications, involve some type of automatic fault - finding facility. This facility detects the faulty condition of the system and draws the attention of the operator towards it, enabling him to take suitable remedial action to ensure the proper operation of the system.

One such method is annunciation in which activation of a visual or a mechanical indicator (called annunciator) takes place when a remote switch or device has been activated as result of fault in certain part of the system. An audio alarm may also be associated with annunciators.

This microcontroller based annunciator system detects up to eight different faulty conditions and informs the operator about them. It is assumed that each faulty condition results in closing of one of the eight interlock links. Eight flashing Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), corresponding to each of the eight links, have been used as annunciators.

Each annunciation also results in an audible alarm. Here only the faults persisting for more than 20 milliseconds are considered as critical and faults persisting for less than 20 milliseconds are rejected.

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