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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Project Report On Visual Basic

Report On Visual Basic



The main objective of this project is that to minimize the handwritten work to small as possible and provide user an automated environment in which he/she can work efficiently and also in user friendly environment.

The scope of the project generally lies at the places like schools , colleges & universities where faculties attendance maintenance are major requirement because on basis of this the salary of person can be calculated, this project is on very small basis means to say not on big scale we can implement it on bigger scale in form of maintaining student attendance ,apart from this the same concept can be applied in various business firms (public and private) which are fully automated with computer and the company has to maintain the regularity of employers also at these places it is not possible to maintain large records files which require a separate room for storage so to avoid this we made this software in which database are maintained which cover very less space then the space taken by files etc.

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